ORLANDO, Fla.—You can now hop on a water ride that is nowhere else in Florida.

Here are five things to know about Riptide Race, Aquatica Orlando’s newest attraction.

  1. At 68 feet high, Riptide Race is touted as the world's tallest dual racer.
  2. Guests enter their own slide side-by-side, with each tube seating two at a time. Along the downward journey, the shoot opens up to exposed air three times. “Inside the green racing sections, the wall between you in very low, so you get a really good glimpse of who's winning,” Corporate Ride Engineer Conner Carr says.
  3. Carr says designing and building Riptide Race in a tight area was a challenge. “It [used to be] a dining pavilion,” he says. “I've talked to people that knew the park before and haven't been here yet and they go, I can't picture the slide there. Like, there's no space for a slide there!”
  4. The minimum height is 42” (as long as you have a big kid or adult with you). It's considered a family-friendly attraction. (So, not super scary and your hair won't get drenched).
  5. Aquatica's VP, Brad Gilmour, says in March of 2020, they were just a few days away from turning the water on and testing the slides. They paused during the pandemic and restarted construction in December. Riptide Race - and the new bar at its base—are now open.