TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Duke Energy will get one more year to collect the "Nuclear Cost Recovery Fee" customers in Florida have seen on their bills.

The $2 to $3 a month fee has been on bills for five years now, and helps the utility company pay to clean up and retire the old Crystal River Nuclear Reactor. The plant was retired in 2013 after an upgrade issue caused cracks.

Customers have paid well over a billion dollars to help Duke with that. 

On Tuesday, the Florida Public Service Commission voted to give Duke one more year to collect the fee -- an extra $43 million. The fee will then go away at the end of 2019.

The fee still has only covered about half of Duke's total costs. Critics, however, say it's still too much.

"If you look at it like you went to the grocery store and you paid $2 for milk that you didn't get, would that be an OK deal?" said Jon Moyle with Florida Industrial Power Users Group. "I don't think you'd say it was. Yes, we've had some settlements, but essentially, what they issue was payment for something that you don't receive anything from."