ORLANDO, Fla. — With a day left in the 2018 election season, Bill Nelson and Rick Scott and their surrogates are crisscrossing the state to convince voters to support them in the race for U.S. Senate.

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6:33 p.m.

From reporter Angie Angers, who has been following the Scott campaign this past week.

One of Rick Scott’s final stops Monday was a place he’s visited a handful of times during his campaign: The Villages. 

“There’s no reason we’re going to lose this,” he told the crowded room. 

Scott spoke to the room about how he felt going into Election Day, in what’s a very tight race for U.S. Senate. 

“In 2016, Trump was down 100,000 votes leading into election day, and we’re not.” He said. “So the Republicans have really shown up.” 

In his last two races for Florida Governor, Scott says he won by tight margins. A population the size of The Villages, he believes could make the difference. 

“The Villages, by yourself, can decide who wins this election,” he said.  

On Monday he made stops through Central Florida and Miami, before ending his day in Naples. 

1:39 p.m.



From reporter Samantha-Jo Roth, who covered Sen. Bill Nelson Monday before Election Day.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) is in the fight of his life against Republican Gov. Rick Scott, and on the final day ahead of the midterm election, he's sticking to an old school method of campaigning — sign waving on street corners.

As candidates across the state are making the final push to Election Day with multiple rallies and events, the three-term incumbent Senator campaigned his way until the very end.

The senator doesn’t have any big rallies planned less than 24 hours until the polls open, like his opponent Gov. Rick Scott. After crisscrossing the state over the last few weeks, he said he's already put in the hard work.

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12:09 p.m.

From reporter Greg Pallone, who covered Rick Scott in Melbourne Monday before Election Day.

U.S. Senate hopeful Republican Rick Scott made several stops Monday in advance of Election Day, beginning his day on the Space Coast, stumping with GOP supporters in Brevard County — a longtime Republican stronghold.

Scott felt right at home in Melbourne, as more than 100 people packed into Bansbach Easylift, a manufacturing company in the city’s industrial area.

The outgoing governor turned senate hopeful was joined by first lady Anne Scott, plus state and local GOP elected officials, including Rep. Bill Posey of Rockledge, who himself is vying for reelection to Congress. Posey says Scott started with nothing but became a successful businessman and governor.

"He decided he was going to dedicate the rest of his life to make the same opportunity available for others," Rep. Posey said.

Scott continued his attack on senate incumbent Bill Nelson, whose roots come from Merritt Island. He says his opponent does nothing but vote party lines.

"If you look at what Bill Nelson tries to portray himself as, a bipartisan guy who gets along with everybody -- he’s not. There’s nothing bipartisan about him anymore," Scott said.

The rally wrapped up by encouraging the crowd not just to vote, but make sure others help Republicans win on local, state and federal levels.


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