When you talk the quarterback battle between Austin Appleby and Luke Del Rio not many figure Appleby has a chance to be named the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators.

After all, following the conclusion of spring practice Luke Del Rio had a leg up, he went 10-11 in the Gators Spring game. But Austin Appleby transferred to Florida from Purdue and says he feels he has a chance to be named the starting quarterback.

“Absolutely, that’s why I came here,” said Appleby. “The only thing that I’m focused on is what happens inside our building, the outside voices don’t mean a whole lot, don’t listen to them a whole lot.”

But some of the voices are coming from inside the building, the Gators new ambassador Steve Spurrier told reporters Del Rio seems to be the starter. But head coach Jim McElwain appears to be in no rush to anoint someone, but he does know the qualities he wants in his QB.

“To play successful football at the quarterback position,” said McElwain. “The people around you, A, have to believe; and B, they have got to trust in everything you're doing; and C, their play is elevated based on how you go about playing the position.”

Regardless of who wins the job, the Gators will need to improve on a total offense that was ranked 111th in the country last season.

“It’s really comfortability in the same offense,” said Del Rio. “Adding wrinkles, that we can tailor to our offensive weapons, and we’re really excited for it.”

Regardless of who the starter is, Coach McElwain likes the make-up of both guys off the field as well.

“Well, I think actually I like both he and Austin in how they go about their daily business,” said McElwain.

Trying to get a preference of who the QB should be from teammates proves to be difficult as well.

“I mean it really doesn’t matter,” said wide receiver Brandon Powell. “All of them can throw the ball so it really doesn’t matter to me.”

As long as points are going on the scoreboard, it doesn’t matter to fans either.