TAMPA, FL -- A forever bond.

A forever friendship.

Bucs first round draft pick Devin White and 19-year-old Kacey Reynolds are forever forged in Tampa Bay history. As soon as Kacey announced Devin's name as the No. 5 pick, the two bonded.

"First thing I told him, I thank you for saying my name," Devin White said.

Kacey was just thankful to be there. And at the team's training facility for White's introduction. He's been battling cancer for nearly two years and awaiting an experimental treatment, so any distraction helps.

"It meant a lot to make the pick because I never thought I'd be healthy enough to do it, cause I was worried about that," Kacey said.

"You've got a forever friend in me my guy and I mean that from the bottom of my heart," Devin said.

Kacey's got a friend in Coach Bruce Arians too. A two-time cancer surviving friend who knows what Kacey is going through.

"He is obviously one tough SOB and I would love to have him on our team," Arians said.

Make-A-Wish made this happen. They've granted trips to Disney, swimming with sharks, but Kacey wanted the Bucs and a shot at announcing the first-round pick.

"I love the Bucs and I knew this was something that money could never buy," Kacey said.

"I feel like I can be a blessing to him and later on down the line, he's going to be a blessing to others," Devin said, "and we're just going to keep helping others and we're going to make this world a better place."

This is what sports gets right. Sports provided Devin White with a dream of one day making the NFL. Dream come true.

Sports gave Kacey Reynolds an outlet to fight through the pain of cancer, the promise of a better day and an opportunity to make a wish. Wish granted.