The Florida State League is a league filled with more than 300 minor league baseball players all trying to make a name for themselves.

For Kacy and Kody Clemens, this league is a little bit more than that.

Kacy plays first base for the Dunedin Blue Jays, while younger brother Kody is in his first year as a second baseman at Lakeland.

Recently the two teams are playing against each other, something both players always look forward too.

"Anytime you get to compete against your brother, it’s not very often that it happens at this level," said Kacy before getting ready to face his younger brother in a recent FSL game.

Kody agrees, "It’s weird playing against him, growing up we were on the same team for the most part, but playing against him is definitely weird."

For the Clemens boys it's hard to make a name, when your last name already means something in the baseball world.

Their father Roger Clemens was one of the most dominant pitchers in major league baseball history, amassing more than 4,600 strikeouts over a 24-year career, winning seven Cy Young Awards and two World Series titles.  But to Kody and Kacy, he’s just dad.

"Everybody always asks like what was it like watching him pitch," said Kacy.  "We just thought he played and it was cool."

"Trust me we love having him as a dad," Kody chimed in.  "And being a Clemens and everything, there’s a lot that comes with that."

Kacy: "We have big shoes to fill, he’s in my opinion he’s the greatest pitcher that ever played the game, whenever you have somebody that’s a relative like that obviously people are going to expect things you."

Kody: "When we meet people  we just say we’re Kody and Kacy, my dad always says if you didn’t know that we were a Clemens you wouldn’t know. That’s just the way we handle ourselves and we wear the name loud and proud of course but it’s just a last name to us."

On this night, Roger was in the ballpark, doing what any dad loves to do, watch his boys play baseball.

"This is special here because they’re playing each other so it’s one stop shopping so this is like watching them at Texas," Roger said.  "I told them just to enjoy this because it doesn’t happen too much where you get this opportunity in pro ball to cross paths and play each other."

Baseball has always been a family affair for the Clemens.  Kody and Kacy followed dad's footsteps and played college ball at the University of Texas, and they grew up big Longhorns fans. 

Now, they are working on the next chapter of their baseball lives, and dad is there to watch them as much as he can.

"It’s fun watching them play in the professional ranks and chasing their dreams but I’m just as happy that they graduated with degrees from Texas, but I’m happy their chasing their dreams," Roger said.

Following a dream and playing with a name that is known world wide, but for the Clemens brothers, they will be the first to tell you, when they first meet you, they are just Kody and Kacy.

"It’s special and we’re trying cherish every moment that we get out here together because rarely any of this will happen and you know we’re gonna go on and play in different leagues and who knows how many times I’ll be able to see him though out the year and years to come so we’re trying to cherish it as much as we can," Kacy explained.