Looking back at November, 2018 we see, finally some real cool snaps. The most significant occurred the last week of the month where we had temperatures not seen since last January.

Overall however, November averaged above normal with below normal rainfall. It is interesting to note, that the temperature in Tampa specifically was actually one of the cooler locations following the corrections that were made to the temperature gauge after we called attention to the extreme warm bias the sensor had

Here is a look at the numbers:


Average temperature 70.7 (1.6 degrees above average)   

Rainfall 0.63” (0.92” below average)


Average temperature 70.8 (2.6 degrees above average)

Rainfall 4.59” (2.29” above average)


Average temperature 71.8 (2.6 degrees above average)

Rainfall 1.62” (0.31” below average)


Average temperature 66.7 (1.7 degrees above average)

Rainfall 1.42” (0.49” below average)

St. Petersburg

Average temperature 71.5 (1.4 degrees above average)

Rainfall 1.24” (0.66” below average)

Looking ahead to December, typically this brings us some more cold fronts. But, December can also have some thunderstorms that form along those fronts. That is why the average rainfall for December is higher than November.

Through the month our average high and low go from the mid 70s for highs and upper 50s for lows to around 70 for a high a the end of the month and near 50 for the average low.