TAMPA, Fla. — November 2019 started to feel like November. We did begin the month with above normal temperatures. This was basically an extension of October. But, a good cold front came through mid-month and the overall weather pattern in the U.S. changed to favor colder weather in the East.

This allowed the cooler air to come into Florida. So, after a stretch of below normal weather, we actually ended up November 2019 essentially normal or average. November is also a typically dry month and in most areas, this November was quite dry. Most locations were below average in the rainfall department with only a few spots seeing normal or slightly above normal rainfall.

Here is a look at the numbers…


Average Temperature 69.1 (exactly normal)

Rainfall 0.56” (0.99 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 68.9 (+0.7 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 2.49” (0.19 inches above normal)


Average Temperature 71.5 (+2.3 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.53” (1.4 inches below normal)


Average Temperature 65.1 (exactly normal)

Rainfall 2.29” (0.38 inches above normal)


Average Temperature 70.1 (+0.2 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.72” (1.33 inches below normal)

St Petersburg

Average Temperature 70.7 (+0.5 degrees above normal)

Rainfall 0.47” (1.43 inches below normal)

Looking ahead to December — this is where historically we have gotten deep into some colder Winter weather. Our averages by the end of the month are about as cold as they will be through Janauary before warming up later in February. On the 1, the average high is 75 and low is 57, but by the 31 those numbers dip to 70 and 52. December is generally a pretty dry month, as is the Winter around here. But, some good Winter type storms and cold fronts can produce some decent rainfall at times. Our average monthly rainfall for December is 2.47 inches.

To start December 2019, a strong front will move through on the 2 and bring us several days of rather chilly weather.