A Citrus County deputy trainee has been cleared of wrongdoing in a shooting that left another man dead last year.

On Monday, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office announced that Greg Entrekin had been cleared of wrongdoing by the State Attorney's Office in the shooting death of Derrick Vaccianna, 28.

Investigators said Entrekin and his girlfriend at the time, Amanda Vance, were in Vance's home in Inverness on the night of Sept. 26, 2012 when Vaccianna came into the home.

Deputies said Vaccianna confronted the couple, then grabbed Vance.  That's when they said Entrekin, who was off-duty at the time, shot Vaccianna. Vaccianna died at the scene.

Vaccianna's family said he had been involved in a relationship with Vance, and that she had wanted him to come over the day he was killed.  Shortly after the shooting, an attorney for the family held a press conference in which they said they were going to await the outcome of the investigation before deciding whether to sue.

Details released about night of shooting

In a memo released by the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, investigators said Vance and Vaccianna had been in a relationship, but that Vance told detectives she had ended her relationship with him and was in the process of distancing herself from him. However, witnesses said Vaccianna continued to refer to Vance as his fiance.

Investigators said Vaccinanna was also aware that Vance and Entrekin were seeing each other. Entrekin told investigators that Vaccianna had threatened him by phone and text message if he continued to see Vance.  Entrekin said his father, a retired Citrus County Sheriff's deputy, told him to report the matter to the sheriff's office and suggested he arm himself as a precaution, the report said.

On the day of the shooting, Vance and Vaccianna had exchanged text messages, including once in which Vance told Vaccianna to "leave me alone," investigators said.

Later that night, investigators said Vaccianna went to Vance's home in a borrowed car, then parked two blocks away and found his way into the home through the window of an unoccupied bedroom. At some point he picked up a liquor bottle, which had been on a kitchen counter.  Investigators said they believe he had taken the bottle as a weapon but dropped it at some point.

Vaccianna then found Vance and Entrekin, who were in bed in another bedroom, the report said.  Entrekin armed himself with a handgun he'd purchased after speaking to his father, then pointed it at Vaccianna, investigators said.

Vaccianna called 911 and told the dispatcher that he was at his fiance's house and that a deputy had a gun to his head, the report said.

After the call, investigators said Vaccianna became angry when he realized Entrekin was naked and lunged at him, which is when Entrekin shot him in the chest, the report said.

In the document, the State Attorney said the deadly shooting was ruled justified because "it appears that Vaccianna's entry was surreptitious and he committed the offense of battery after being told to leave."

Entrekin was placed on administrative leave after the shooting.  Officials said he was recently permitted to begin his field training officer program.