Beverly Hills, Fla. -- A Citrus County animal rescue is looking for homes for dozens of dogs after a judge ruled it had to find a new location to operate because it is in a residential neighborhood.

For several years, Julianne Jackson has been taking in unwanted animals and helping them find their forever homes.

"As time grew on, my numbers grew. Eventually by 2014, I had 47 dogs that I had rescued," Jackson said.

That is when she opened the Greener Side Haven Inc. rescue group, keeping the animals inside her home in the Pine Ridge neighborhood. In 2016, the property's owners association filed a lawsuit, claiming Jackson was operating a business out of her home, which was against neighborhood policy.

A judge recently ruled Jackson has to get rid of any animals that are not her own.

She is already adopted out some but still has 30 dogs and a few birds that need new homes.

"All of the younger ones all of the healthy ones have already been adopted. It's the ones that nobody wanted to begin with that are still left to be adopted out," Jackson said.

Jackson said at least one neighbor complained about noise coming from her home, but other neighbors Spectrum News talked to support the work she is doing.

"My two dogs they make more noise than her dogs. We all love her here. We think she's doing a wonderful thing," John Madieros said.

Jackson is looking for a commercial property so she can continue helping animals in need.

"All I'm doing is fostering animals that are either dying, have medical issues that are ongoing and extremely expensive have been abused or they're just seniors and nobody else wants," Jackson explained.

"My heart and soul are into these kids. It's my passion it's what I was meant to do," she added.

The Greener Side does have strict standards for who they allow to adopt their animals. For more information head to their website or call 1-352-746-3545.