PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The red tide crisis Pinellas County has been dealing with for months has been slowly clearing up. 

It was just in time for Thanksgiving that conditions really started improving in Pinellas County. 

It has been clear in St. Pete Beach for about a week and for most beaches along the coast. Fort De Soto is the only beach experiencing impacts from the red tide. 

Pinellas County officials said the latest satellite images show that the bloom is breaking up and moving south west away from our area. Researchers are hopeful that pattern continues and the bloom dissipates. 

A professor at USF is optimistic the bloom could be on its way out but that's only if a new bloom isn't headed our way. 

"If there aren't new cells coming in, so in other words, what is initiating off shore if that has stopped then eventually that red tide will go away. I'm hoping that's what's happening right now," USF Professor Robert Weisberg said. 

Since August, Pinellas County has removed more than 1800 tons of red tide related waste. 

And while the relief is good news, it doesn't mean the bloom is gone just yet. Make sure to continue to check our online resources before heading to the beach.