HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Another hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday morning surounding the custody of 3-year-old Joshua "Noah" McAdams who is diagnosed with leukemia. 

Wednesday's hearing will be a continuation of a hearing regarding Noah.

Noah is currently in the care of his grandparents after his parents, Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball, failed to bring him to what officials say was a "medically necessary hospital procedure" on April 22. 

The issue is that Noah’s parents do not want him treated with chemotherapy. Since he was diagnosed he had only two chemo treatments. 

Another judge removed him from his parents care and put him with his maternal grandparents in Wesley Chapel. 

On Tuesday, a doctor testified on behalf of the state saying the treatments are necessary for Noah to survive. 

Again, his parents disagreed. 

"I do feel that it is prolonging Noah’s health," Bland said. "And I feel like he needs to receive the treatment that we were really pushing for right away, not necessarily chemotherapy but he needs to receive treatment." 

Noah's parents refused to follow up with needed care and fled the state. 

The three of them were located on April 29 in Georgetown, Kentucky. 

Michael Minardi, the attorney for Noah’s parents, objected to the emergency hearing because they were given little notice to get their medical experts lined up. 

That’s part of the reason why the judge reset the hearing for Wednesday. 

Officials said Noah's parents don't want him treated with chemotherapy and want him returned to them. 

Noah is currently receiving medical care and charges are pending against his parents.