NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- As Deputy Chris Stone continues to recover in the hospital after being shot this weekend in New Port Richey, we're hearing from a neighbor who says he helped deputies treat him that morning.

Bill Ricci lives two doors down from suspect Terrance Peterson's home. He was outside as bullets started flying, and Stone was shot inside the home in the leg.

"They grabbed him, started dragging him out to the road. As soon as they got him in the road I was here waiting," Ricci said.

Ricci was a firefighter for 15 years and says his training immediately kicked in. He jumped in to help the deputies.

"I didn’t think twice about it. I’m just glad he’s okay and that he’s going home to his family," Ricci said. "I just see it as doing something for another human being. This is a man that was hurt, his life was on the line and that’s all I cared about."

After Stone was brought to the hospital, Ricci took videos on his cell phone and watched as officers filled his neighborhood.

"Everybody started running around and chaos kind of took over," Ricci said.

On Sunday, bullet holes could be seen in Peterson's home and in the truck in the driveway. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Investigators say they responded to his home early Saturday morning for a domestic call, and he started shooting at deputies when they entered his home.

Stone was hit in the leg, and another deputy was grazed by a bullet in the hand. Stone's femoral artery was cut. He underwent emergency surgery and is continuing to recover at the hospital.