DADE CITY, Fla. — Small town USA is not immune to problems like opioid overdoses — Dade City knows that. Which is why Monday, Police Chief James Walters couldn't stop smiling as he shook Rachel Starostin's hand. 

"Rachel, by you doing this, you help keep my folks safe every day," said Walters. 

Starostin dropped off 24 boxes of Narcan. In total that is 48 doses of a nasal spray that can revive someone when they are overdosing on opioids. 

Narcan is something Dade City did not have until now.

"We've been in the process of going through the normal channels of grants to obtain it, that is a time consuming process. And this was immediate," said Walters. 

The connection between Walters and Starostin happened because of a story on Spectrum Bay News 9. Starostin works for Recovery Epicenter and on August 6, they held a Narcan giveaway in New Port Richey. 

"I got a call from Lt. Uppercue and he said that the Dade City Police department was in need of Narcan and they didn't have any. And they were waiting for a grant but they were concerned about their officers' safety," said Starostin. 

For Dade City, Narcan just isn't in the budget. 

"Narcan is easily accessible, it's just expensive," said Starostin. On average, a box can sell for $150 each. 



Recovery Epicenter came by the Narcan they donated through a DCF grant.

"No life is disposable," said Starostin. "The same people we save today, could be our future leaders, our future advocates."

"It's hard to fathom that the capability in that box, is a life," said Walters.  

This meeting is now prompting more community collaboration. Dade City Police could soon be a place for people to get Narcan, no questions asked.

Currently anyone who needs Narcan, can reach out to Recovery Epicenter. No questions will be asked of those who want or need a dose.  

Starostin can be reached at 727-255-2036 or go to Recovery Epicenter's website.