TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa Bay-area man has created a new device that allows people to digitally store and transport their medical information. 

  • Users can create a profile on mymedictag.com
  • Information in profile saved to card, accessible with code scanner
  • Cards only available at website
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MyMedictag.com enables users to create a profile of themselves that includes their age, weight, what medications they're on, the dosage and even their emergency contacts. 

Those details are stored on a card and accessible through a code printed on the card. Medical providers can access the information using a QR scanner on a tablet or other mobile device.

“I realized one day, I'm running without any information and two to three miles away from home and no one knows me," said Michael St. James, creator of Medictag.  

St. James started working on the device after he became a caretaker for his elderly parents. 

“I have to remember their medication and their medical history and it's very difficult to keep that on paper,” he said.

Users would pay a one-time $45 fee for the card and a $15 annual renewal fee. If the card is lost or stolen, access could be shut down remotely using a personal identification number.  

“This is a way for them to be able to take the most important medical history — their medications, their allergies, who their doctors are, what they had done in the past — and be able to give this card to them so they can scan it in and know exactly what's going on,” said Dr. David Halpern, a Tampa Bay surgeon who is not involved with Medictag.

The card is only available through the www.mymedictag.com website.