TRINITY, Fla. — A special event was held in Pasco County Sunday to benefit the family of a young boy who nearly lost his life after being hit by a truck on Halloween.

The Beauty Lounge of Trinity held a Cut-A-Thon with all proceeds going to the family of 6-year-old Dominick Keyes.

“You watch your kid die and then pop back to life somehow,” said Dominick’s father, Chris Keyes.

“I wish I could turn that movie off," he added. "It keeps playing.”

Dominick was hit by a truck while in the crosswalk at the intersection of Starkey Boulevard and Lake Blanche Drive on Halloween.

He had severe injuries, but after just a few days in the hospital he was able to go home.

His parents say it was his twin brother Andrew who kept him smiling through those tough days.

“I tried making him laugh, but I couldn’t," Chris told us. "He would just crack a little smile off the side of the mouth that wasn’t stitched shut, and then [Andrew] showed up the next night and he had him rolling for two hours. It was pretty funny.”

Dominick’s parents say each day the child gets a little bit stronger. A big part of that, they say, comes from the support of the community.

“Everywhere we go, whether it’s Walmart, the restaurants, gas station, every cop we see on the road we have to stop and pull over and then they say ‘Hi’ to them, which we always have done, but now they’re like, ‘It’s Dominick! Hi Dominick!'” Chris explained.

It's all helping the family build more good memories for Dominick instead of lingering on the bad ones.

“It’s made them feel really, you know, super appreciative and grateful,” Chris said.

According to FHP, the driver of the truck was cited for violation of right of way following the collision.