PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — After 50 years in business, Pasadena Jewelers will close its doors for the last time on Christmas Eve. Owner Philip D’Elia says he’s retiring so he can spend more time with family and travel with his wife. 

  • Pasadena Jewelers is closing
  • Last day open is Christmas Eve
  • All jewelry being sold at half price

“My kids being smarter than me, decided they had their own careers and they're doing very well,” D’Elia said. 

D’Elia was born into the jewelry business. His grandfather was a watchmaker and opened a jewelry store in Ybor City in the 1930’s. His father eventually took over the business there, later opened a store in Pinellas County, then in 1969 opened Pasadena Jewelers.

(Photo Courtesy of Jorja Roman/Spectrum Bay News 9)

D’Elia worked there as a teenager and eventually took over the business. He followed in his father’s footsteps and always remembered what he taught him. 

“If you make big purchases or little purchases, my father taught me none of that matters. It’s how you treat people,” he said. 

Christmas Eve is the final day the store will be opened. All jewelry in the store is being sold at half price. 

“Now it’s time to pass on all of this stuff to our customers for their dedication and for coming to see us for all these years,” D’Elia said.

(Photo Courtesy of Jorja Roman/Spectrum Bay News 9)