More people in our community may soon be able to live the American dream thanks to a hefty boost in funds for Bay Area nonprofit Project Prosper.

The Lightning Community Hero Foundation honored the nonprofit’s cofounder Robin Warren at the Lightning game on January 9.

“This award is really a game changer for Project Prosper, it means so much to us. $50,000 for a small grassroots organization is a very big deal,” Warren said.

Since 2007, Project Prosper has taught financial literacy to immigrants and refugees in the Bay Area.

“We generally do our financial literacy classes at English classes that are around the community,” said executive director Faye Steinhauser.

“The American financial system can be really overwhelming, it can be very different. Some of the people who come where from other countries come from countries where you can’t trust the banks, maybe the financial system doesn’t work very well,” Warren explained.

One of the women who accompanied Project Prosper’s board of directors and volunteers – Trang Duan, one of the first people to take the classes and get a loan through the organization when it first launched.

It was a full circle moment as she stood by Warren when she got the award - all of which will go back to helping people like Duan.

The organization says they are in need of more volunteers.

You don't need to come from a financial or banking background to get involved.

For more information, email or call 727-266-0816.