JANUARY 14 UPDATE: A sinkhole that has plagued a Pasco County neighborhood for weeks has reopened.

Pasco County Emergency Management said Thursday the sinkhole along Spring Haven Boulevard in New Port Richey has reopened and grown, despite efforts by the private property owners to fix the hole.

A sinkhole repair company filled the hole January 7. But four days later, the fill material started to collapse back into the hole.

Additionally, the hole has grown about another four feet on the north side and is now about 50 feet wide. 

The sinkhole still remains wholly on private property, and the contractor is working on additional efforts to fix the hole.

Pasco County continues to monitor the area, including the right-of-way, and one southbound lane of Little Road remains closed.

PREVIOUS STORY: October 28, 2020

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — The depression that opened near Little Road and a Pasco County eatery earlier this month now appears to have stabilized. 

According to Pasco County officials, the Spring Haven Blvd. depression in New Port Richey has given no indication it will have any further impact on nearby Little Road. 

What You Need To Know

The depression opened Oct. 7 alongside the Varsity Club of Trinity, but the restaurant also shares a plaza with several doctors' offices. 

Pasco County Emergency Management has reviewed the engineering reports from deeper ground penetrating radar (GPR) testing and bore sample testing in the public right-of-way around the site of the depression on Spring Haven Boulevard in New Port Richey and has determined the soil and underlying limestone are stable and show no indication of sinkhole activity or any other uncommon geology.

Engineers have recommended the county continually monitor the right-of-way as the private property owners work to fix the depression.

The depression itself is still estimated at 46 feet wide and 130 feet deep and is still wholly on private property. Both private property owners are working with engineering firms, as well.

One southbound lane of Little Road remains closed.