TAMPA, Fla. — Every year, thousands of women get together around the world dress up, in effort to send an important message to drivers.

It’s called the “Fancy Women’s Bike Ride.”

Aimed to bring women together,  while also educating the community on how to drive carefully around cyclists. 

“I think that it’s really important for us to recognize that cyclists have just as much of a right to ride on the road as a car can,” says cyclist Mary Jane Rickles. 

So on this day, every year, thousands of women from around the world bike ride wearing fashion-forward clothes, with ruffles, sparkles and pearls. 

“It’s a day where we can dress up and decorate our bikes…just be girly girls about it,” says Rickles. “We want to keep the roads as safe as possible."

The Florida Department of Highway Safety says in 2020,  there were more than 5,000 bycyle crashes— 127 cyclists, died. 

The event was originally created in Turkey, the day is also considered “World Car-Free” Day in Europe.