After multiple crashes near her home, a Pasco County viewer reached out to Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson for help protecting the person most important in her life – her daughter.

What You Need To Know

Sixteen-month-old Ayva Finch was born with septo-optic dysplasia and microphthalamia. Her eyes are underdeveloped, and she will never see.

Her mom, Alexi Weed, is doing everything she can to help Ayva thrive.

"She does occupational therapy, physical therapy, feeding, speech. I mean we're trying to get her into everything we can pretty much,” she said.

She's not mobile yet but will be soon, and because of that, Alexi is worried she can't protect her daughter from the road right outside her door.

"My neighbor right next to me had a car run through his fence,” she said. “There was actually just an accident two weeks ago in front of the house next to him. People will drive 40 miles an hour."

With cars constantly running stop signs and crashing at the sharp corners, Alexi's biggest fear is her beautiful blind daughter getting out of the house unnoticed.

"So, especially if she's more mentally delayed, completely blind and hearing impaired, I don't think it's safe to be here."

She and a few neighbors petitioned the county to have speed humps installed. The county's policy is that the home owners cover installation and maintenance at a cost of $15,000.

"No one over here makes a lot of money,” Weed said. “I don't thing people over here make more than $50,000 with two people working."

So the community needs the help, but can't afford to do this privately.  

Henson reached out to the county on their behalf to see if perhaps an existing safety program like “Safe Routes to School” would qualify them for the additional spending to slow the traffic. Watch Chuck’s story above.