Finding jammed-up traffic at the north end of the Howard Frankland Bridge is not a surprise most anytime of the day.

Four lanes drop to three at the Kennedy Exit, then very quickly down to two approaching the Memorial Highway Interchange. 

But according to Rich Moss, a design engineer with the Florida Department of Transportation, there is about to be more room.

"This project is an operational improvement on I-275 that will add lanes from essentially the Howard Frankland Bridge through the State Road 60 interchange with I-275."

The state is adding a third lane from Kennedy to Memorial highway and a fourth lane from Memorial Highway to Avenue.

It's a $27 million project to widen the north end of the Howard Frankland Bridge. But it's not just the northbound side that's being widened, the southbound side is going to add capacity as well.

A third lane is coming on from Memorial Highway out onto the bridge. Anyone caught in the afternoon grind through there is going to appreciate that.

The project is part of a larger rebuild of the Howard Frankland Bridge and the West Shore interchanges.

While there is a plan and funding in place, the delays aren't going away soon. Work is scheduled to start to widen the north end of the bridge early next year.