CLEARWATER, Fla. -- We trust that the bridges we cross every day are safe. But one Spectrum Bay News 9 viewer has concerns about a major Clearwater crossing.

Kamil Skrzypek drives on the overpass at U.S. Highway 19 and Roosevelt Boulevard and thinks its movement is cause for concern.

"The overpass is moving up and down heavily, and I have never seen it do that," he said. "It looks more serious than a vibration when cars drive over. I really feel that someone should look into this."

Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson parked on the right shoulder in the middle of the span and felt the bridge moving up and down as traffic passes.

Jim Jacobsen of the Florida Department of Transportation said it had a crew out there about three months ago and that the bridge passed inspection with flying colors.

"They looked at it end to end," Jacobsen said. "They crawled inside the boxes -- there are six steel boxes. They crawled from one end to another, hands on, looking closely. They didn't see any major deficiencies."

The bridge is 29 years old and, according to Jacobsen, bridges like the one in Clearwater can make it 75 to 100 years, safely.

So, why does it bounce?

"It bounces in a normal movement for a 200 foot-long steel span bridge. It's normal," he said. "That span has to cross over multiple lanes, so we don't have to have extra pillars in the middle and the median. So the bridge is built that way, it's supposed to move somewhat. It's totally safe and that movement is normal."

Jacobsen said the DOT inspects all the bridges in the state every two years.

If there is any wear and tear on a bridge, it is inspected more frequently and ultimately closed if deemed unsafe.