A Spectrum Bay News 9 viewer has been reaching out to get answers on a parking lot safety issue for a long time now.

What You Need To Know

Gloria Lepik Corrigan says using her power chair to get through a grocery store parking lot has become dangerous.

And for seven years she has made a simple request of management at Countryside Mall – a way to visit the Whole Foods without putting her chair in active traffic lanes.

"That Whole Foods has been open for seven years. And for pretty much that whole time I thought when they first opened, because they did such major renovation, they would be required by law to put in a pedestrian walkway to the sidewalk. They did not put one in. I'm not sure how they got around that.”

This is an issue important to everyone, as we are all pedestrians at some point.

"Children and people in wheelchairs who are at a lower height because of that are really...it's very dangerous because I’m having to go in active car lanes or behind parked cars where they truly can't see me.”

A mall spokesperson said they would be glad to meet with her and discuss the issue but were not aware of any previous discussions.

Watch the video above for Chuck Henson’s Traffic Inbox story.