INVERNESS, Fla. — Linda Powers has been re-elected to the Citrus County School Board in the District 5 seat. Her race gained attention after two 18-year-olds filed for her seat. 

  • Linda Powers reelected to District 5 school board seat in Citrus County 
  • Two of Powers' opponent were students
  • Election results

"I'm excited," Powers said. "I can get back to work to doing what I was doing before I had to start doing this stuff for elections we've been working on the mental health issues that's my thing in life." 

She won with 54.85 percent of the vote. 

Retired teacher Tim Stuart also filed for Powers seat. He ended up with 16.84 percent. 

"This is really my very first time that I’ve dipped my toes into the political pool and I figure we had some fun we learned a whole lot of things," Stuart said. 

Eighteen year old Nicholas Lahera finished third with 15.60 percent of the vote. He is currently enrolled at the University of Florida. 

"I do feel that we ran a great campaign we kept it clean the entire time and this isn"t the end this is only my first campaign and so we’re going to come back faster stronger and better next time," Lahera said. 

Eighteen year old Adam York received 12.72 percent of the vote. He is currently a senior in high school. 

"I really didn't know what to expect some people said 'oh you'd do really good,' some people said 'oh you're not going to get many votes,' but I was really glad because I made over 4,000 friends today just in votes so I'm blessed just to have that,” York said. 

Lahera and York both had words of advice for other young people hoping to run for a position one day. 

"Even if you don’t get the result you were hoping for get out there let your voice be heard," Lahera said. 

"I can say you'll miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take," York added. "So if you have a dream if you have something that you want to do if you want to make a difference in the community then you should take that jump." 

All three of the candidates that did not get elected to the board this time say they're planning to run for other races in the future.