PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A Pasco County neighborhood is finally seeing some flooding relief now that crews have pumped out some of the water.

The Mango Street neighborhood is one of many in the Bay Area coping with the recent heavy rain.

People on Mango Street were ecstatic Saturday to see the pump in action. The Public Works Department planned to remove water, bringing it out to Little Road to dump it in Bear Creek.

Flooding is typical in the low-lying area and residents have been dealing with this for days.

Alicia Miles said she had to walk through the flood waters on Mango Street to get to her fiance's home.

"Some places when I get out towards that way, it's about past my ankle," Miles said. "Every time I have to come out here I'm like, 'This water again?'"

Others drove through it, risking getting stuck or damaging their car.

Fran Alcaro says the flooding is a familiar sight. He has lived on Mango Street for nearly two decades and once moved to a different spot on the road, hoping to avoid flooding.

"So far, except for the hurricane, we've been out of the floods," Alcaro said.

Residents are hoping once the water is all pumped out and the sun comes out again, there will be some relief.

A representative with Pasco County told Spectrum Bay News 9 that human services will be out there seeing if any residents need assistance.

Emergency management officials are also reminding residents to avoid the floodwater and to keep children from playing in or around the water.

Officials say contaminated water can make residents sick, and there could be other things in the water — like snakes.